Our focus

We partner with mid-market European businesses with a real ambition to grow.

We invest in companies with an enterprise value of up to €200m.

CGE Partners (CGE) invests across Europe

We focus on attractive growth markets across Northern and Western Europe. We look for businesses with a differentiated position and a vision to grow, either at home or internationally.

Sector focus

We are focused on the sectors which we believe offer the most attractive opportunities and where we have relevant experience:

Business & <br> Technology Services

Business &
Technology Services

Healthcare & <br>Education Services

Healthcare &
Education Services

Financial <br> Services


Consumer <br> & Leisure

& Leisure

Responsible investors

Focused on ESG

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governmental) and ethical considerations are integral to our investment decisions.

Charitable Programme

We strive to be a force for good, as well as a force for change. That is why we have set up our own charitable giving programme to which our employees contribute both time and capital.