We partner with proven, ambitious businesses across Europe

We partner with proven, ambitious businesses across Europe

CGE Partners is a private equity investor with a fresh approach.

When you are ready to take your business to the next level, we back your vision with our capital and supportive operational expertise.

Proven investors with a shared set of values

We are a proven team of entrepreneurially minded private equity investors with experience across a range of sectors globally. Our shared values include empathy, integrity, openness and fairness.

CGE is fully independent and wholly owned by its partners.

Flexible capital

Our investors have backed us with a flexible mandate, allowing us to tailor how we partner with management teams.

We typically hold investments for 3-5 years, however where founders / management teams are seeking a flexible, longer term partner, the investment period can be significantly longer.

Backed by experienced operators

Private equity works best when operator talent combines with investing talent. That’s why CGE was built to be more than just money, with an Operator Panel that offers proven experience of creating value across a wide range of functions.

We firmly believe that our role is to support you in the execution of your vision, because successful entrepreneurs know how to run their businesses. We will support and advise, not over-engineer, complicate or interfere. Private equity firms do not run businesses, entrepreneurs do.