The fast growing global environmental, health and safety compliance intelligence platform.

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The Company

Enhesa helps global multinational companies be compliant with, and stay on top of, Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) regulations wherever they operate. Enhesa is the global leader in its industry, using its team of 75 multi-lingual analysts to provide clear, frequently updated advice on EHS regulations in 300 jurisdictions worldwide.

CGE’s Investment

CGE has strengthened Enhesa’s experienced management team by introducing industry leaders to its advisory board, and continues to support with strategic, targeted add-on acquisitions. Since CGE’s investment in 2020, Enhesa has acquired five companies, together branded as Enhesa Company. The group has three divisions: Operations, for safer facilities, is made up of Enhesa and RegScan, a best-in-class platform of regulatory assurance and operational compliance content; Product, for safer products, includes Chemical Watch, a leading provider of Chemical management intelligence and HCB, a publisher of global news on the transport and storage of dangerous goods; and Sustainable Chemistry, for safer chemicals, comprises Scivera, a chemicals management software platform and ToxPlanet, the world’s largest database of chemical hazard and toxicology literature. Enhesa Company is an integrated global business and the leading provider of 360° intelligence for operations, products and chemical management across the globe. Enhesa Company work together to empower businesses to act today and prepare for tomorrow to create a more sustainable future.

Enhesa’s Purpose

To significantly contribute to a more sustainable world.

We are excited to be partnering with CGE at such an important time for our company; the firm’s operational value creation expertise will be an important tool as we continue to expand rapidly across the globe. CGE’s engaged and supportive approach makes them the ideal partner to help us to achieve our vision for Enhesa and cement our position as the global market leader.

Peter Schramme, CEO at Enhesa