Environmental, social & governance supply chain risk assessment services.

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The Company

Ethixbase360 is the most comprehensive third-party risk management platform, facilitating the critical need for transparency and engagement as well as training and certification across sustainable and ethical supply chains. The platform enables clients to screen their entire list of third party suppliers and intermediaries, covering the whole Legal and Compliance sustainability sector, including Anti-Bribery & Corruption (ABC), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG), and Modern Slavery & Human Rights; which together restores control and supports a company’s complete value chain.

CGE’s Investment

CGE is partnering with the management team to back the company in its next phase of growth to become the leading global provider of supply chain risk assessment software solutions. CGE will bring significant experience and resource to support Ethixbase360’s international expansion and new product development. CGE is also supporting the company to reinforce its status as a leading ESG risk assessment platform by carrying out targeted add-on investments. To date Ethixbase360 has acquired Tcompliance, a US based leading provider of third party risk management solutions and compliance training.

Ethixbase360’s Purpose

To support organisations worldwide to adopt and report on sustainable and socially responsible policies.

Ethixbase360 is at an inflection point in a rapidly evolving regulatory and compliance environment, where companies have a responsibility to rebalance the imbalance in the world. At Ethixbase360, we have invested significantly to combine our highly scalable SaaS platform and subject matter expertise to address the demands of increasingly complex global supply chains. Being part of a team that is passionate about addressing human trafficking, modern slavery, and corruption is incredibly meaningful and I’m excited to lead Ethixbase360 through this next phase.

Peter Sweetbaum, CEO of Ethixbase360